Sunday, 31 August 2014

Burton 10k

The Burton 10k this morning was hard work -too hilly. But I was pleased with my time of 54 mins 23 as can be seen in the litttle photo.

Can't quite believe I was that quick considering the hills.

Photos from Ann.

Event very well organised finishing at Shobnall Leisure Complex.

I'm really stiff now (Monday 1st).

Saturday, 30 August 2014

You don't win anything in August

Now they say you don't win anything in August, but I'd prefer to be top at the end of August than be bottom.

So well done to the Albion for being in their best ever league position even if they are top as Burton comes before Cheltenham alphabetically

With two wins in the Capitol One Cup, it's six wins out of seven for the Brewers.

Wednesday's win over QPR was the best I've ever seen the Albion play. Harry Redknapp - a few rows back - had a face like thunder throughout. 


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Burton 10K

On Sunday (31st August) I will be running in the Burton 10K with my friend John Pollard, starting in Belvoir Road at 10.30 a.m.

As you can see, I am number 378.

I have never run in this event before and am looking forward to it but it will be harder than the other 10K I have run this year as it is much hillier.

The route goes up Denton Road hill and then past my house. In previous years I have stood on my drive and clapped the runners as they have gone through. This year the boot, as they say, will be on the other foot.

The weather forecast seems to be set fair.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Dickie Attenborough's visit to Burton

I met Lord Attenborough once. There you go - name dropping again!

It must have been over 30 years ago,  about the time of Gandhi and long before Jurassic Park.

Of course he insisted that we call him Dickie.

Dickie, who was a Labour peer, was in Burton to show his support for a Labour candidate, possibly our 1983 General Election candidate Bob Slater.  

As he wandered through what we then called The Precinct, now Cooper's Square, my job (as a young Labour Party member) was to round up a few local people and ask them if they wanted to meet Richard Attenborough.

I don’t think many of them believed me when I said that the world famous actor and director was nearby.  A glance in his direction and they soon recognised his gap toothed smile and wavy white hair.

He treated everyone with his natural charm, charisma and many an anecdote. He had time for everyone. He was one of the good guys. Everybody liked him and it was great of him to give up his time for the party. I am sure that everyone who met him will remember him.

Last year he was reported as living in a care home and his death has been announced today. Farewell, Dickie.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Day 173 - Market to move?

Since the market hall reopened in June, a lot of people have been telling us that the outdoor market, now in Station Street, should move back to the Market Place.

No such move could not be made without full consultation. So the council’s cabinet members decided to consult with traders, shopkeepers and customers about whether the market should move or stay where it is.

The council has started this consultation and it is ongoing. No decisions have been made and the council will not be rushed into any changes.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Day 168 - 99 per cent of council performance on track

A report to East Staffordshire borough councillors later this month will say that 99 per cent of the council’s performance targets have been fully achieved or are on track. The report will be studied at the meeting of the council’s cabinet on 18 August.

The Quarterly Performance Report looks at the progress towards the council’s priorities which are given a score of Red, Amber or Green.
·         Green = Target fully achieved or is currently on track to achieve target;
·         Amber = Indicator is in danger of falling behind target,
·         Red = Indicator is currently off target or has been completed behind the target deadline

Of the 86 targets that have to be reported on this month:
·         99% have been awarded green status
·         1% have amber status
·         0 have red status

This is the first time that as many as 99 per cent of the targets are green. It is also the first time that there have been no red scores. Neither the 99 per cent green or the zero red were achieved under the Tories.
The only target that has not been met has concerned the conversion of the Burton Town Hall Annex into a University Technology College where there has been a delay in submission of a valid planning application by the College.

This report is great news for the people of East Staffordshire. When the Labour and Independent groups took control of the council last February we said we wanted to run an open, efficient and effective council. We have achieved a lot in a short time.

I would like to thank the council’s officers and the Deputy Leaders for their hard work in achieving such good results. Don’t forget that we have also introduced 16 new targets as part of our new corporate plan.

We  have many challenges ahead including keeping our promise of a zero council tax rise, completing the refurbishment of Uttoxeter Leisure Centre, changes to the Brewhouse and the future of Burton Market Hall.   We will continue to work hard and not be complacent.


Thursday, 7 August 2014

World War 1 letters

To commemorate the start of the first World War here are some excerpts of letters written by my grandfather Ted Savage to his sister Nellie. Favourite topic seems to be the weather.
All letters are genuine and written at the front in Palestine from 1917 to 1919. (Yes that should be 1919.) I have the original letters and medals.

25/2/17, Egypt
I expect you are getting some very cold weather, we are having just the reverse; summer is starting here so it’s getting very hot here now, but of course we don’t get any winter here, it only gets a bit cold at nights in the winter here, that’s all the winter we get.
I expect I shall feel the cold when I get back to England but I will put up with that once I get back and I hope that won’t be long now.
I have not received a letter from you for over a week but that is because I have moved, you see I have left the base and am back in the desert and I expect I will soon be in action again; I expect it will be before you get this letter. This is my address dear; Gr E. T. Savage 730444, Depot Centre Sections, 266th Brigade, RFA, 53rd Division, E.E.F, Egypt.
Well dear we are in action. We have had a very big battle. We are letting Johnny Turk know we are about. I am pleased to say I am quite well.

I have left the base and I am in action again. We have had some very severe fighting here lately – the Turks are putting up a good fight but I hope we will beat them and get in Jerusalem before very long. You must not worry dear, I am quite alright and am in good health and hope that you are.

I expect you feel neglected lately but I could not help it Nellie really. I shall not be able to write so often now I am in the firing line and we don’t get much time to ourselves.
It is much more hotter here than it was in Alexandria. I have changed my address a lot lately but I won’t be changing it again for a long time at least I hope not.

Well my dear I am going to ask you to do me a favour. Will you please send me a writing pad and a few envelopes as I cannot get any where we are now and I am nearly run out. I shall be much obliged if you will.
It’s a job to get anything up in the firing line. It is very hot here now, enough to cook us all.
I am sorry to hear you had it wet for your holiday – must have been rotten but you say you enjoyed yourself and I am glad to hear it. We don’t get any rain here.
You wonder if we get it as hot as you have it in summer. Yes we get it nearly twice as hot. What you call hot in England is winter out here.
Thanks so much for sweets dear they were quite a treat, the best I have had since I left England.

Well dear I have not been able to write to you lately as we have been having some severe fighting and we were in the thick of it. We drove the Turks back about 3 miles. Now there is a lull in the fighting but we are at it again tomorrow. I am pleased to say I came through it alright so far and I am quite well, one of my mates was severely wounded. I will write to you again when I get a chance.
I am so sorry I have not been able to write to you lately but we have been having a big push and it’s still continuing only we have been having 2 days rest. We have done a terrible lot of fighting out here and have driven the Turks back a good few miles and we hope to defeat them completely before very long. It has been a terrible slaughter but we are winning and we hope to end the war before very long. I expect you have seen our

Well dear I have a bit of news for you, I have been awarded the MM (Military Medal) for services rendered on the 6/11/17 and today in the front line I have been decorated with the ribbon of the MM by General Pearson. I shall receive the medal when I come home.
There was a very big battle on that day 6/11/17 and I did some good work but I will tell you all about it when I see you which I hope to be before very long. Please let them know at Hook Norton – I believe I am the first from Hook Norton to win anything but of course you know better than I about that.
Let our Tom know about it there’s a good girl. I will write to them all when I get time but I am very busy at present and shall be for a time but I will write to you again as soon as possible.
I am sorry I have been unable to write to you lately but we have had another advance so we have been very busy.

Now we are having a rest and so will have more time, dear. I am pleased to hear you and all at home are quite well, glad to say I am and hope to keep so. We have had some very bad weather lately and we have had to sleep in mud and water in some places up to our knees.
You asked me in your letter where we had got to as it was so cold, well we are 30 miles north of Jerusalem and that’s about 300 miles from Egypt and the further we go the colder it gets and we are in mountains some of them over 4,000 feet high. That’s over twice as high as any in England so you cannot wonder at it being so cold.

Well, dear, I expect you will be pleased to hear I have been awarded a bar to my military medal for gallantry, of course that is equal to another medal so you see I am doing well. You will have cause to be proud of your brother by and by.
We are having better weather where we are now as we are out of the mountains on the plains for a few days. It’s quite a change we are now in Jericho and it’s a very pretty place, we are still advancing and doing well, that’s one good thing.

It is very hot out here and the water is getting scarce.

I have some news for you. I have been given a stripe and promoted to a Bombardier. I expect you had my letter saying I had been awarded a bar to my M.M. So you see dear I am in luck’s way. Don’t you think I am doing well? You will be proud of your brother by and by.

Well dear we are having some nice weather now. It is quite hot and will be now that summer is coming but it is better than the rain and cold.
Thanks so much dear for your parcel and letter of 19/4/18 and letter of 6/5/18, which I was so pleased to receive last night. The writing pad and toothpaste is just the thing dear and although my cold is quite better now I shall keep the Malaids in case I get another one, for I am sure they are good things. It’s so good of you to send the things like that. I am sure I shall not forget you.

It is very hot out here now, quite a change from the winter when it was so cold
Yes dear I sent you a photo with me on a camel, perhaps you have had it by now if it has not gone down, if it has I will send you another as soon as I can get some.

We are having it very hot here now, quite a change from the cold again but we are very short of water now so it goes to extremes and it never rains in the summer here. We are not doing much fighting now, that’s one good thing as it is too hot.
It’s very hot out here now and we are very short of water, cannot get a wash only now and again.
It’s still very hot out here. This country is very rich with fruit, grapes in abundance and watermelons. We can get two large bunches of grapes for sixpence so we do well in that line. There will be plenty of other fruit when it gets ripe, but we don’t get apples and pears out here. That’s what I miss. We have to be satisfied with what we can get. There will be plenty of oranges when they are in season that’s not just yet.
We are due for a few days rest just a present, guess we can do with it.
We are still very short of water. That’s the worst of this place you get too much in the winter and not enough in the summer.

Thanks so much dear for your most welcome letters of 7/7/18 and 11/7/18 which I was so very pleased to receive a few days ago but I have been unable to answer them owing to us being so busy - we made a great raid the other night capturing about 300 prisoners and about 40 machine guns –not so bad.

Our men are doing well in France now and we will soon be advancing again as soon as the weather gets a bit cooler and I hope that it will soon be over as we have all had enough of it.

Well dear we are starting an offensive here in a few days and we are going to make the Turks cry out for peace. We reckon the war out here will be over by December then the Germans will soon give in and the war will soon be all over then we will soon be home again, won’t be long now.

I wrote a letter a few days ago telling you that we had beaten the Turks and that we had finished fighting. We are now at the railhead waiting to come home.

I don’t know how long we will wait here or where we are going when we leave here but I believe there are signs of us coming to England at least we are all hoping so and looking forward to it. I hope we don’t get disappointed as we all want to see England so much I believe our time has come now so perhaps I will be seen you before long. We had a stiff fight and a hard time but we did pay them out. We killed thousands, we slaughtered them wholesale, we had no pity on them and paid them out for the Dardanelles.
They made us suffer there but we made them suffer more and now we have finished fighting out here and are waiting to come home or go somewhere else, well let us hope it’s home now.
What a long time it was coming, must have been delayed somewhere perhaps it was owing to us moving about as we have been doing a lot of it lately. We are in Alexandria are now waiting for a boat to take us home.

So we won’t be long now that hostilities have ceased. I shall be very glad to finish with it as we are all war worn and want to change. I can say how glad I shall be to get home as is rotten being away so long.
I expect we will all be home before very long the sooner, the better I will like it.

Well dear we had an inspection by a General Allenby the other day 2/12/18 and then had a grand procession through the town. My word it was a fine sight and thousands turned out to see it. Of course I was in it so could not see much. It’s going to be shown on the pictures tomorrow night so I will have to go to see it.
I am sorry to say dear I shall not be home for Christmas and I am very disappointed as I did think we will be home. One thing the war is over and it’s only a matter of a month or two before I am out of the army.

I take it you must think I am on my way home but no such luck just yet and I cannot say dear when it will be but I trust and hope we won’t have long to wait.

I hope you had a good Xmas. I must say we had a very good one indeed not like the ones we had before, we had plenty to eat and drink and a concert afterwards but I was hoping I would be home for Christmas but luck is out.
Well dear I have not much news. Sorry I cannot say when we are likely to get home.

I suppose you are having rotten weather in England. I almost forget what it is like. I guess I will feel the cold when I come home but I won’t mind that.

I’m sorry I can’t say yet when I am likely to be home. I wish they would send me, I am quite fed up with hanging about here.