Saturday, 17 January 2015

Day 327 - Uttoxeter Leisure entre reopens

Wow, what a difference!!! Uttoxeter LC looked fabulous in the wintry sunshine. Well worth the investment. The refurbishment was completed on time, on budget and also with a 100 seat plus spectator area for the pool. Love it.

Great to see so many people there to see the centre. Ribbon cutting was by Uttoxeter  swimmer, Commonwealth and European Gold medallist Adam Peaty.
Here I am with Labour's PPC for the Burton constituency, Jon Wheale. Is my tie redder?

Right: the ribbon is cut.

Days 325 and 326

Thursday was a busy day. I left home before 9.00 am to go the Maltsters for interviews. After a couple more meetings and the Care Commissioning Group 'improving lives' event at the Town Hall, I got home just before 9.00 pm.

Then on Friday I was up very early to catch a train to Birmingham University. It was good to go to my alma mater again. It was here that I did my teaching certificate. I was going there for the LEP board meeting.

Here is the Victorian university clock tower known affectionately as Big Joe. Affectionately? It's just plain ugly.

Then back to Burton for a Ferry Bridge working group meeting and a Labour Party meeting in the evening.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Day 324 - Final ESREC meeting

I have been a member of the ESREC (East Staffordshire Rights and Equality Council) Executive Committee for the past 14 years, the last two as chair.  ESREC has provided many services to people in the borough.

For example in the past 9 months, it has dealt with 557 alleged discrimination cases. Yes 55. And ESREC has been able to provide free legal advice.

But now ESREC is folding due to lack of funding. This is a real shame but the borough council will be offering legal advice.

Sorry but my phone is rubbish at taking pictures but here the committee is hard at work.

Day 324 - Action on loneliness

This morning Horninglow and Eton parish council organised an Action on Loneliness event at the Scout hut in Carver Road. It was good to see so many organisations (many of which I had never heard of) and members of the public there.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Day 318 - I talk to a Liberal Democrat

I met Nick Clegg this morning. Yes that Nick Clegg aka the Cleggster.  He had the air of a condemned man.

He was in Birmingham for the signing ceremony for the Growth Deal - £357 million for economic growth n the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP.

Of course none of this is new money and it had already been announced in the Autumn but hey-ho that's how things are done these days.

I was there because I was invited. Chatting to the Deputy Prime Minister is good networking even if he won't be around much longer!

My photo shows the Cleggster about to sign away a lot of money. On his right are two council leaders; Sir Albert Bore (Birmingham) and Bob Sleigh (Solihull).

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Keep right on to the end of the road

The Tories used this poster to launch their general election campaign. It talks of a stronger economy but:
  1. the photo was not taken in the UK - it is actually Germany
  2. The potholes in the road have been air-brushed out
  3. Cracks in the road have been air-brushed out too
  4. And also the white lines in the road.
  5. A gap in the trees has been added
  6. The whole picture has been flipped horizontally
Couldn't they find a British road? With no pot-holes? Impossible.

500 posts

Last week I posted my 500th post on this blog since I started on 1 July 2009 - about 91 a year on average. Last year there were more - not surprisingly. 165.

Previously I had a blog on Yahoo from 2006-2009 which had over 72,000 hits but Yahoo withdrew their blogging service so I had to change to blogspot.