Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Day 274 - so it must be Stafford

Two meetings at Stafford on Tuesday. The first was in the beautiful Oak Room and as you can see I got there first.

The meeting was about Combined Authorities where councils work together to stimulate economic growth in their areas. We in East Staffordshire are keeping a close eye on developments.

Followed by a meeting of the Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire Strategic Consortium which was as interesting as it sounds.

Spotted in East Staffordshire - Patching

Do you remember when the Conservatives took control of Staffordshire County Council?

They promised no patching of roads needing repair, instead promising a proper job.

This photo shows how wrong they were.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas is but a month away.

Yesterday saw the switch on of the Burton lights and the first frost of the winter.  Christmas can't be far away.

Normally I'm a 'start buying presents on the 23rd December sort of person' but this year I've already bought my prezzzies. Of course I can't say what I've got my mum cos she might read this blog (OK very unlikely as she is not online).

Next task is writing Xmas cards, something I really hate.

Day 272 - Stand up for Labour

A fun night at the Caribbean Centre as stand up comics from Stand up for Labour kept us entertained all evening. Laughter plainly is the best medicine. We all had a good laugh.

The picture shows compere Crispin Flintoff.

Do you think there is a Stand up for UKIP?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Day 270 - Badger Trust

I suppose it is all the fault of Kenneth Grahame and his book Wind in the Willows. Many of us must have read it at school.  Toad is a nasty piece of work who escapes from prison dressed as a washer woman.  Do they still have washer women?

Badger on the other hand is cuddly. And nice. 

 No wonder 80 per cent of us oppose the culling of badgers.  Dominic Dyer, CEO of the Badger Trust came to talk to our Labour Party November meeting. very interesting it was too. 

Friday, 21 November 2014

Postcard from Rochester

I feel a little sorry for Emily Thornberry who had to resign as a Labour Shadow Minister for tweeting a picture of a house with two England flags hanging from upstairs windows and a white van on the drive.

The tweet read Image from Rochester - hardly a hanging offence.

What has happened to humour? Are politicians supposed to go around in grey suits? Have any of them smiled since the day Tony Blair resigned? 
At least it proved that Ms Thornberry was knocking on doors at yesterday's by-election.

So here's a photo from outside my house last summer. No white vans, I'm afraid.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Parking issues - Conservatives get it all wrong

Parking issues - Conservatives get it all wrong
Last weekend the local Conservative Party issued a leaflet to homes near the hospital. Sadly, as you would expect from someone jumping on the bandwagon, the leaflet was has inaccuracies, mistakes and scare-mongering.

The leaflet refers to a proposal from East Staffordshire Borough Council for a residents parking zone:

This is nonsense:  the proposal is from the council that is responsible for highways –Conservative controlled Staffordshire County Council. The Conservative agent who is a county councillor should know this.

The leaflet says, “We think you should have a say over (a parking zone)”

This is scare-mongering. The county council will consult all local residents. A parking zone will only go ahead if there is 85 per cent support for the proposals

If the Conservatives had attended any of the many public meetings that we have held at the hospital they would know this too.

What is most disappointing is that the Conservatives are trying to turn the parking problems into a political football. The Labour Party has always tried to work across parties, for example when Liz Staples was county councillor for the area. This is because the solution has to be what local residents want, not what councillors want.

It is disappointing that the leaflet makes no mention of the local action group who are working hard with county council officers, county councillor Shelagh McKiernan and your borough councillors to find a workable and affordable solution.

Incidentally the Conservatives leaflet uses a photo taken directly from the Burton Mail website, apparently without asking permission! They couldn’t be bothered to go to the hospital and take a photo for themselves. How lazy is that?