Wednesday, 26 February 2014

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

St George's Park

This evening I was lucky enough to play football at the National Football Centre at St George's Park. Not on a full pitch of course but 5-a-side on a quarter of a pitch - the David Beckham Pitch (no less) which is artificial grass.

Floodlights, advertisements around the edge of the pitch. This was like football on the telly. Really? Well perhaps not.  Artificial turf pitches have come on a lot since I last played on one 20 odd years ago. It was brilliant despite the cold inducing a few flecks of snow.

If you are wondering what an older person like me is doing at StGP, this is part of the Burton Albion Community Trust Over 50s Football which is normally at de Ferrers Sports Hall on Tuesdays from 6 till 7. It is about improving the health of men over 50.

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

St John's Church Hall

Do you recognise this mud heap?

It is the former St John's Church Hall (with an apostrophe) in Rolleston Road. Development has now started on building homes for Trent and Dove. You may spot the footpath running along the left of the photo and Church View in the background. 

Labour to put up candidate for mayor?

Today's Burton Mail suggests that the Labour group on the borough council will be putting up a candidate for mayor, breaking the tradition of parties taking turns.

In fact there is no tradition. In the last 10 years there have been nine Conservative mayors, one Liberal Democrat mayor and no Labour mayors. Hardly taking turns,

There are five Labour councillors who have each been on the council for over 20 years. That's over 100 years service and not one of them has ever been mayor. As fas as I know, none of them has ever been asked.

Being mayor is a great honour. It's not for everyone but nobody should be deprived of the opportunity just because they wear the wrong coloured rosette at election time.

Usually the deputy mayor one year becomes mayor the next. The present deputy mayor was mayor only four years ago in 2010-2011. It is difficult to justify someone being mayor twice in five years when over 100 years of service has been ignored.

Apostrophe not dead - official

Last month I posted about the end of the apostrophe in street name signs e.g. St John's Road would now be St Johns Road.

In fact this information was incorrect. It only applies to the council's computer system where apostrophes will be removed to avoid errors. Street name signs will still be spelt properly.


Carver Road Community Centre improvements

The well used Carver Road Community Centre has benefitted from an upgrade thanks to the Burton upon Trent Consolidated Charities, County Councillor Shelagh McKiernan and Borough Councillors Ken Builth, Bob Johnston and Julian Mott. Around £8000 has been spent on improvements to the kitchen and toilets. Work was completed last month.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

So farewell to the apostrophe

The borough council has said that, in future, street name signs will not contain apostrophes.

In Horninglow ward there are around 18 streets named after saints, all of which will lose their apostrophe. That’s a lot of saints. We will have, for example, to get used to St Mary’s Drive becoming St Marys Drive.

It is rather sad that the excuse for this is that people don’t know how to spell and the apostrophe causes confusion. Greengrocers have been putting in apostrophes where they are not needed for years. I don’t suppose it has done their businesses any harm.

I do find it hard to get worked up about the humble apostrophe. Surely there are many more important issues.

But some people are worked up about it. It says something about British eccentricity that there is an organisation called Apostrophe Protection Society.  They have had over 1.7 million visitors to their web site so some people must think it important.